Acid Infection (Zwevegem / BE) 08.12.2012 


Love the idea of the location: Acid Infection was set in a old powerstation, Transfo Zwevegem. My old resident club (only guest) was located in a old ironwork, Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord. Man, i love the industrial style. Sets and stuff .. 

"As a child of the funk, soul, disco, hiphop, new wave and new beat era Franky Jones (real name Frank Sels) lives and breathes electronic music. No wonder he was one of the Pioneers in the Belgian Electronic Dance Music Scene. A DJ for 27 years now, he is still at the forefront of Belgian Nightlife and far beyond as a regular guest at some of the biggest national & international raves, clubs & party’s.

He has a record like no one else : Love Parade (8x), Mayday (2x), Nature One, MysteryLand (6x), Techno 94, Dance Valley, I Love Techno (6x), Houseqlassics (5x), Impulz, Megarave (6x), In Qontrol (2x), Rave The City (2x), Defqon 1 (2x), City Parade (3x), Q-Base (2x), Inner City (3x), Techno Parade, Thunderdome (5x), Frequence, Decibel, Ground Zero, Rave City, Multigroove (8x), Street Parade, Immortality, Impulz, House Torhout .. and the list goes on and on! […]” - Bonzai Rec. 

no t/l yet

01 Stefan ZMK - Summoned (Mackitek HS 005)
02 David Carretta - Earth Boots (Thrust 002 - Mixedit)
03 Circuitbreaker - Trac-X (Mixedit Remastered)
04 Acidupdub - Bleu Stone (Mixedit)
05 sKwYz - AcIdCoRe 02 (Unreleased)
06 Dr. Graftak - Dark Inner Struggle (Unreleased)
07 Tommers AGU - Monny Monald
08 Mr. Gasmask - The Past is Alive (Unreleased)
09 The Speed Freak - Stop Those Robots (160 BPM Mixedit)
10 X-tension - Music Is Dead (Stefan Edit)
11 Frixion Fanatic - The Sleeper Must Awaken NWO (Unreleased)
12 Stefan ZMK - Predator 
13 PCP’s Phuture Project - Escape from 2017 (The Theme - Remastered)
14 Cal - Zero Insertion (Audio Illusion 3002)
15 Spiral Tribe - Stormcore 3 - 123% Repetitive 
16 Stefan ZMK - Scrambled.v1 (Unreleased)
17 Johnny Sideways - Supply Route (Unreleased)
18 DX - A1 (NASA 001 - Stefan Edit)
19 Braindead - Neck Acid Your Fuckers 
20 Cyberchrist - Information - Revolution 3 (Stefan Edit)
21 Stefan ZMK - Surrender (Mackitek HS 003)
22 Somatic Responses - Axon (Mixedit)
23 Stefan ZMK - Drumfetish
24 Outside - To Forgive But Not To Forget

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