Advanced Human // Gynoid Audio Label Night (Club Solfa / Tokyo)

"On September 5, Tokyo has surrendered itself to Australia’s best unkept secret: the arrival in this city of the wildly successful Elektrax Music label group, including reps from their record labels Elektrax Recordings, Gynoid Audio, Android Muziq, Darknet and Hypnotic Room.

Think techno, from dark and crunchy to suave and funky, served up by label head honcho Advanced Human (Aka DJ Hi-Shock), long time Gynoid Audio/Hypnotic Room accomplice Little Nobody, and Hypnotic Room label chief Takashi Watanabe. Also on board were some of Tokyo’s most respected and essential producers: DJ Wada (Co-Fusion), Go Hiyama, Jin Hiyama, Wata Igarashi, Satoshi Fumi and Hiroyuki Arakawa.

Here is the set by Advanced Human, enjoy !” - Advanced Human

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