Aaron Liberator // Aaron’s Classic Acid Techno (April 2012)

"After digging around the record crates for some old skool acid techno I have found some of my favourites and some rare and stuff you don’t get to hear very often, this is a rough and ready vinyl mix and I hope you like it as much as I did mixing it." -  Aaron Liberator

01. Kektex “Hackney Council Are A Bunch Of C**ts” TEC
02. Speaker Pimps “Octagon” Smitten
03. D.A.V.E. The Drummer “Fader” Routemaster
04. Lawrie Immersion And Dirtbag “Acid Techno” Routemaster
05. Secret Hero “Build Up The Pressure” Stay Up Forever
06. Lochi “No Sell Out” Smitten
07. Geezer “The Cheese Grater” Karmic
08. Mr Burns And The Geezer “On A Techno Tip” Skankadelic
09. Rozzers Dog “This Old World Is In A Helluva Fix” Stay Up Forever
10. The Geezer, Mr Burns And Aaron Liberator “Thriller Killa” Skankadelic
11. Rowland The Bastard “Richy Harris Used My Daughter” Smitten
12. Magnum Force “A Right Bunch Of Charlies” Stay Up Forever
13. Scratch N Sniff “Smell The Glove” Smitten


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