Mike Huckaby // Tresor Records 20th Anniversary

"10 years ago, Tresor Records celebrated its first decade with a three CD box called True Spirit. It was a well-deserved victory lap, mixing the label’s own banger-heavy original catalog (X-101’s "Sonic Destroyer," Jeff Mills’ "Late Night [Mills Mix]," Mike Dearborn’s remix of Joey Beltram’s "Game Form") with choice nuggets like Bam Bam’s 1989 "Where’s Your Child?" (re-pressed in 2001 by the Tresor sub-label Archiv with a DJ Rush remix on the A-side).

Tresor has put out plenty in the decade since then. But even with every other big dance indie rushing to throw parties and put out comps to celebrate any anniversary divisible by five, the Berlin techno powerhouse has elected to downplay its 20th birthday some. Mike Huckaby, who’s played the club but never issued anything on the label, provides a 22-cut, hour-long mix: exactly an hour, in fact. […]” - RA Review (with t/l)

Neil Landstrumm // Brown by August (Album / 1995)

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Prime Time // A Rap Fan’s Guide To No I.D.

Over the years, Chicago’s No I.D. has blessed hip hop fans with an insane amount of gems. Crafting tracks for the likes of Common, JAY Z, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar, just to name a few.

Today, Trackstar the DJ and FakeShoreDrive have released a new mix in honor of the genius of Dion Wilson. Coming in at 53 tracks, Prime Time: A Rap Ran’s Guide to No I.D. is an in depth look at the career of one of rap’s most-slept on talents.




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